I Am Coming Back…

Bad Hair. Bad Ideas.

I took a somewhat unsuccessful hiatus from politics for the last two weeks.

Believing that the GOP is too stubborn and stupid to do anything benefiting the State of Minnesota, I thought I could safely pull back and not really miss anything of importance.  Of course I would miss the petulant Koch and Zellers duo whine and Michel posture, but that childish behavior isn’t even fun to belittle anymore.  So I was correct.  I didn’t miss much of any importance…but do I have a notebook full of ideas, mostly about ducks and butterflies and wind sweeping through the trees.

I also discovered that I am a lazy blogger.  I miss Zemanta, that WordPress doo-hickeythat would suggest hyperlinks for me.  Most of my links to articles and my photos I get myself, but I don’t like to Google Koch and  Zellers — Who would?  It is like discovering something unpleasant stuck to the bottom of your shoe — just so I can link to their profile page.  Someone help me restore Zemanta!

Until then, I’m off to the golf course.  I don’t play golf very well, but I try, which is more than I can say for the GOP so far this century.


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