More GOP Tripe

The Minnesota House Republican Campaign Committee is busy doing what Republicans do best, skewing political positions by misrepresenting the facts.

Today on the StarTribune website they have been running a link pinning the blame for an impending shutdown of Minnesota state government on Governor Mark Dayton.  They suggest that not only can Mark Dayton personally endure a shutdown but that he strategically wants the shutdown.

Perhaps Republicans should worry less about people they think can endure a shutdown and worry more about those who cannot.  Moreover everyone will be worse off if we suffer a government shutdown.  There is no good reason for a responsible person to want a shut down.  The GOP simply does not get it.

Of course a large group of poorly informed or unsophisticated Minnesotans will believe the GOP’s false argument, and too many of them are elected representatives in our government.  That is the diseased core of so much that is turning back the clock on Minnesota’s progress.

Arguing that Mark Dayton wants a government shutdown is a not-so-well-thought-out opinion.  It is Mark Dayton, after all, who has made sincere and real efforts to compromise and negotiate.  The GOP, on the other hand, pouts and digs in, making their agenda a priority over the interests of the state.

Let’s not forget that more Minnesotans back Governor Dayton’s positions compared with the agenda of the GOP.  If Republicans did not want a shutdown, they could respond to the political and fiscal reality we face and work with our governor.  Instead they block progress and blame Governor Dayton.  Typical GOP strategy.

First of all, if you want to blame a governor, the governor who bears the blame is currently running for president.

Tim Pawlenty and his misguided belief that we can get more if we do less left Minnesota starved for resources.  The result of ransacking our public services and underfunding our budget is clear.  In an economic crisis we have no investments to fall back on, no room for adequate cuts.

Pawlenty and the GOP left Minnesota unprepared for fiscal disaster.  To turn around now and blame the current administration for this problem is irresponsible.  It is far worse to do nothing to help fix the problem you created, and this is exactly what the Republicans are doing today.

To think like a Republican you must suspend all understanding of cause-and-effect, you must live in a naive world where what you did yesterday has no bearing on conditions today and likewise where today has no ramifications for tomorrow.  Better people grew out of this kind of immaturity as school children when many of us were taught integrity and responsibility.  That is a lesson today’s GOP never learned.




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