Why We Should Leave Weiner Alone…

Very briefly, a couple issues come up when arguing that Representative Anthony Weiner should resign because he contacted women on the internet and sent lewd photos to them.

First, Democrats seem to be making the same kind of arguments that they were critical of when Republicans called for Bill Clinton’s resignation following the Monica Lewinski affair.  How does this square?  I am not sure it does.  Perhaps Democrats are more personally offended because Weiner is one of their own, but I don’t know that personal offense is the kind of objective standard you need when enforcing standards.

More importantly, however, the Democrats are showing again how accomplished they are at creating chaos and losing control of a message.  Wouldn’t the better approach to this situation have been a more unified and simple response, something along the lines of owning up to a personal mistake and then moving on?  Instead Democrats have joined their natural enemies on the right and continue to stir up the pot.

Rather than this story losing momentum in the 24/7 news cycle where Americans have a tragically short attention span, Democrats have ensured that the story has life by piling on over the course of days additional calls for resignation.  I’m sure today yet another “prominent” Democrat will add his or her name to the list of people saying Weiner should resign, giving the press another reason to once again make news of this story.

Moreover, Democrats are giving conservatives an open door through which they can run.  Democrats are also providing a distraction from more serious issues, such as what we are going to do about the government debt limit, our wars overseas, and numerous domestic policy issues affecting everything from the courts to the environment.

It seems to me that the Anthony Weiner scandal has been nothing but a public relations disaster for Democrats and is symptomatic of Democrat inability to control discourse generally.


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