Questions for the Next GOP Debate

Tonight’s GOP debate in New Hampshire proved only one thing, one thing we all pretty much understand without killing an hour or two watching a debate:  The GOP candidates for president will fall all over each other to spew the same empty and misleading rhetoric and soundbites that will steer this country further off course.

We won’t get meaningful answers to questions that matter so why not open the scope of questioning a little?

I propose a list of better, more interesting questions for the next debate.  I’ll get started here and you can add more in the comments section.  Here we go:


Do you believe everyone deserves equal protection under the law and is entitled to equal rights?

Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

How old is the Earth?

Did God design and create Shih Tzus?  Poodles?  Great Danes?

Spell embarrassment.

Are you a paranoid and ignorant bigot?

Why does progress scare you?

What magazines and newspapers do you read?

Define irony.

How is milk homogenized?

Why are you here?

If you appoint partisan judges, are you attempting to legislate through the courts?

Who is your favorite living dictator?  Favorite dead dictator?

Is Global Warming good for caribou?

What is your opinion about the Femina Miss India contest?

Comment:  “I’m ok, you’re ok.”

Do you think for yourself?  Give one example.

Why are some people poor and some people rich?

What are fossil fuels and how were they made?

How have Republicans made a contribution to helping President Obama save and rebuild our economy?

Are your parents comfortable with the swimsuit round?

Name a positive policy contribution Republicans have made in recent decades.  Give tangible results showing success.

Is Ronald Reagan John Galt?

Define singularity.

How has the GOP benefited the middle class over the last 20 to 30 years?  Give tangible evidence to support your answer.

What is the difference between fact and opinion?

Are you insane?



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