Tell me I’m wrong on this one…

A short post before I take my late-afternoon (now early evening) nap.

It is windy as heck here in Minneapolis.  So what will be mentioned on every freaking damn local newscast tonight?  Hair!  I guarantee it.  Look…there isn’t a more insecure crowd out there than the local news stiffs trying to look pretty AND smart all at the same time.  And nothing…and I mean NOTHING…gets them more riled up than hair problems.  I won’t mention names, but…there’s a channel between 3 and 5 in our town that tops them all.  And that’s the best station in town!

I’m handsomely near-bald (shave a lot of it) so what do I care?  Pish posh.  My windows are wide open and I’ll let the wild winds — dust and all — blow through my hair as I dream of little lambs playing on grassy windswept knolls.

While I nap, you read.  Scroll down and read one of my better posts.  Tell your friends when you find one.  (Send a note to me, too.)  Righty now…Nap time.

(P.S.  If you’re a Republican, the channel between 3 and 5 is 4.  Don’t say I’m not out here trying to help.)


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