Define “Due Course of Time”

I am quite eager to have faith in a recent fortune cookie, but perhaps I better get a sense of what “due course of time” might mean.

The fortune reads:  “Good things will come to you in due course of time.”  When I first read the fortune I will admit to feeling irrationally optimistic.  I almost felt as if good things indeed had already arrived.  Who can argue with such a promising outlook?

But I have been thinking more about it recently.  Who is to say what is an appropriate amount of time before good things will come?  And what are “good things” anyway?  I wish these things had more detail…and were more reliable.

Weighing things one way or the other is depressing me now.  The optimism I felt when I first saw the fortune is lost, and yet I don’t want to give up hope.

So let’s look at lilacs for a while.

It has been a rather dismal lilac season here in Minneapolis.  Perhaps good things will come to lilacs in due time, too, but this is not the year.  It might have rained too much when the lilacs were in full bloom.  A constant wash of cold rain has to knock out a lot of lilac perfume.  And the flowers seemed to give up quickly this year.  It wasn’t a season for trying.  Now most of the lilacs in my area already far ahead and preening for mid-summer blandness of deep greens and thick waxy leaves. 

I did manage to find one lilac up for the show this spring, however, albeit a short effort.  Alas this shrub is giving up its color now too and it never offered much of that lilac sent.  In the due course of time, perhaps…

You know, fortune cookies and lilacs are kinda getting me down.  Who has a solid plan B for me?  Let’s be serious about it and call it Plan B.  (Capitals.)  Let’s make good things and due course of time happen now.

Chin up!



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