A Break from Politics

Springtime Foilage

Watching reckless GOP obstinance ruin Minnesota is depressing.  So I am going to back away from it for a while and share a pleasant distraction.

I have been walking the neighborhood and watching Cold War-era science fiction as a means of escape.  You should try it, too.

(Watching Phantom from Space at the moment.  Great film, but lousy use of day-for-night photography and a space alien who runs like a pansy. )

Let’s start with some neighborhood updates:

First, the owl chick appears a few days away from fledging.  Still a lot of down, but it is maturing quickly.  I see only one young bird.  I thought there were, too, but I might have been seeing one of the parents in the nest.  The mature birds are magnificent and easily seen as they stand guard over the nest.

Bread and Pickle is open at the Lake Harriet bandshell.  Good burgers and sandwiches.  Modest but sufficient servings.  No gut busters.  Perfect, though, for taking the edge off of an hour watching Minnesota legislative proceedings on television.  No Coke machine yet at Bread and Pickle, but they’ll gladly serve an Arnold Palmer.

Flowering Trees, Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN

And the trees and shrubs are starting leaf out.  Even caught my first whiff of lilac today — although that happened near the old Faribault House in Mendota.  Lilac will be a good cover for the stench of what has become Minnesota GOP politics, by the way.

Oh, I should mention Tilia in Linden Hills, too.  I haven’t been there in a while.  Too many strange dreams.  I am convinced I have been sleepwalking and strolling in at closing time and ordering a beer, but it would be rather awkward to go in an ask if that is in fact the case.  So I’m hiding my cash when I go to sleep and checking my pockets in the morning for a Tilia charge receipt in my pocket.  If I found a Tilia receipt, that would be a good clue affirming my sleepwalking.  (I hope I dress right…or at least dress.)

But don’t let my little quirks and transgressions influence you, you should check out the good people and excellent food at Tilia.  If you stay late you might meet me!  (Finding their website is quite a challenge, by the way.  I have linked it here.)

So yes, back again…the state of politics in Minnesota really has me down.  A very, very sad state of affairs, indeed.  It is one of those things I never believed I would see.  Smart, progressive Minnesota held hostage by people who are anything but smart and progressive.  It is like an invasive species polluting your favorite lake.  In fact Koch, Zellers, and Michel et al have the sense and personality of bottom-feeding carp so the thought isn’t that far off the mark.  But it really is sad…it is like a once pristine water being polluted and you wonder if you’ll live long enough to see things set straight again.

That’s why I go for my walks.  The Roberts Bird Sanctuary is a good spot to put things in perspective.  In the trees are birds oblivious to it all …

Lake Harriet, West Shoreline, Linden Hills, Minneapolis.

(Although expect the GOP to propose raising money by selling special hunting permits to hunt Great Horned Owls any day now…that wouldn’t surprise me one bit, god forbid we pursue tax parity and fairness.  That’s crazy talk.  Little stunts like selling off state assets is what counts for smart politics in the whacky world of today’s conservatives.  Shooting owls can’t be too far fetched.  Damn owls are freeloading on the “job-creating” millionaires anyway.  Blast ’em!  And get the freeloading granny, too!)

…and in the adjoining Lakewood Cemetery are better Minnesotans who have passed to the Other Side believing their once-great state would be forever a strong leader in smart politics and civic pride.  We must look like a ring of Dante’s hell to them now.  Why do the worthy and the just have to suffer with the likes of our soi disant GOP leaders?  Heaven knows and isn’t giving up the answer.

Time to finish my movie, go for a walk, and hide my cash.  It feels like a sleep walking kind of a night.

Now scroll down and read a better post.  Tell your friends and family to do the same.


4 thoughts on “A Break from Politics

  1. Yu No Hu

    this was a great post. Never mind that you move from calling a space alien a pansy without so much as a flutter of self consciousness, let alone a transition, before you go straight to describing downy chicks and their parents and the scent of lilac in the air. I also rather hoped you’d tie the theme of invading aliens from space to the politics of current day Minnesota, even though the ring of hell was good. You should watch those movies with a view to the present day. And talk about that.

  2. Tour Guide Post author

    I thought drawing a connection between invading space aliens and the horrible politics of the right wing might seem too cliche…but the sentiment is there.

  3. pauline kale

    It is a bit disappointing how you denigrate the noble carp by comparing it to a Republican?! Surely you can do much better. Carp eat garbage while Republicans spew garbage. Kinda hard to see the similarity there…

  4. Tour Guide Post author

    Well, carp DO indeed make a mess of lakes stirring up bottom sediments and stuff…but I suppose. Let’s see, how about the invasive sea lamprey? They latch onto other fish and suck the life out of them. That’s kind of what the blood sucking GOP is all about. I’m sure lampreys have fans, too, but perhaps less than the noble carp.

    The truth…it isn’t fair to compare any innocent animal to today’s Republicans.


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