I Like Empty Jars and Cans

I like empty jars and cans.  Perhaps someone can tell me why.  I wash ’em up and peel off the labels and find that they have a rather pleasing aesthetic.  I like empty cans so much that I sometimes wish I were a smoker so I could save one or two and use them as an ashtray in the back yard.  Jars can be saved for any old reason or no reason at all.  They look sharp just lined up clean and empty on shelf or in a cupboard.  And you never know when you might need an empty jar.  It is important that they be glass and not plastic.  A plastic jar really isn’t a jar in my book.

So in honor of cans and jars, I always recycle.  That gives me a good reason to clean and save them…at least for a little while.

That’s what’s on my mind these days.  Anyone else like empty cans and jars?

While you think about that, please scroll down and read a better post on this blog…and tell your friends and family to do the same.


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