Take a Break. No OBL Here.

Marsh on Des Moines Lake.

I am getting ready to go out and play salesman and it is a beautiful day for make believe.

Sunny, bright, and tad warmer than we have enjoyed in many days.  But I am not at all opposed to the opposite.  This weekend the weather delivered a wet cold slop of a Saturday to the Webb Lake, Wisconsin, area, but I hung outside with a beer and roaring bonfire anyway.  I also got a picture or two.

I’m not sure what I like about this photo of a marsh on the edge of Des Moines Lake, but I like it.  Perhaps I like the layers of depth.  I don’t know.  It raises an interesting thought, though.  Suppose I overrate photos I take because I don’t necessarily see the photograph as much as the photograph restores images and memories of personal experience.

This photo does not capture the beauty of the marsh.  The colors are not as sharp as they should be, but more importantly a picture doesn’t capture the soft noise of rain drops plunking into the still water nor does a photo capture the muddy sweet smell of the air.  (Why does mud smell so clean?)

It rained most of the day this past Saturday and it was cold.  The day was quite nice, however.  Perhaps getting out of the city is the key to enjoying bad weather.  I often think so.

Well, time to get out to see if I can convince the naively skeptical that they should advertise their business.  It might be time for an advertising primer.  “Advertising:  Why We Do It.”  Something like that.  Until then, I am off on my Quixotic quest.  I hope faithful Rocinante is eager to go.  We have some miles to cover today.


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