Post 200 — Draft

This is the 200th post on A Little Tour in Yellow and I am heading north for the rest of the weekend.  I think I will leave the computer home, but I will think about what to do next with this blog.  Perhaps I’ll go back to the simple and original idea of posting about my daily experiences as a salesman.  But that depresses me somehow.

I can’t say it depresses me more than the goings on in this state and nation, however.

What a lot of disgrace!

At a very fundamental level this country has lost its way.  In Minnesota, for example, our legislature is openly debating an amendment restricting marriage rights to straight couples.  It is an idea from the conservative right, obviously, a group that is growing increasingly influential and increasingly backward.

Right wing panders to poorly informed and deliberately misguided Americans.  That is a disgrace.  Much of this pandering promotes ignorance and paranoia.  Hardly admirable qualities.  It is depressing.

Opinions trump facts like never before in my memory.  Whether they are opinions about history, economics, science, or the founding principles of our country, opinions are replacing facts.  The GOP has become a real threat to the American way of life that has given us so much.  Generations of progress are being squandered and lost in favor of regressive ideology, often seeped in religion and bigotry.  (One can hope that the bigots are right about Hell,.)

Anyroad…just a brief and kind of melancholy musing on my part before heading north for a break.  Plenty to think about, but not a lot of time for details now.  I am late!  Need to get out of town.

(WordPress problems this morning!  No images, keep losing my draft.  Just publishing this.)


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