Let’s Take a Quick Quiz…

What is this?

In my attempt to curb my political rants just a smidge, I am going to complain a little about drivers in my neighborhood and do so by inviting you, dear reader (all two of you), to take a little quiz.  Please look at the photo to the right.  (Click on the photo if you need a bigger image, U No Hu.)

Now, tell me, what does the top sign mean, the red one?

Bonus points if you can tell me what the sign below the red sign means.  And if you can stretch your effort a little, take a peek at the sign on the far left of this picture.  Compose a meaningful essay explaining how the sign below the red sign and the sign on the left relate to each other.  Is there anything about these signs that might tell you something about the corner we’re looking at here?  Post your answers in the comment section below.  The scroll down and read something better on this blog and tell your friends and family to do the same.

I am convinced that the worst drivers in America live in my Minnesota.  And the worst of the worst live in my neighborhood.  Seriously, I don’t recognize my state anymore!  Minnesota had been a dependably sane place to live once upon a time.  No really…I kid you not.   Now we have Pawlenty, Bachmann, Zellers, Michel, and so on…and bad drivers to boot.  Even our schools are starting to suck!

Whoops, sorry…wandered a little political there…

Let’s talk about the drivers.

In my neighborhood, no one — other than myself — stops at stop signs.  They don’t even slow down.  In fact I think drivers speed up probably with the logic that if they get through the intersection faster they reduce the chance of being hit by another driver not stopping at stop signs.

So I do the passive aggressive thing and roll up to stop signs slowly when I see a car coming from the left or right on an intersecting road at a four-way stop, and you should see the reaction!

People don’t know what to do.  They look entirely out of sorts…Is he stopping?  What’s he doing?  Do I go, do I wait?

When they realize that I am stopping and waiting for them to do the same, they get all whacked out.  I think one poor old guy had a heart attack tonight at the corner I a sharing with you on this post.

Honest to William and Mary, why don’t people stop at frigging stop signs?  Did I miss a memo somewhere?

Oh, and by the way, save your country.  Don’t vote Republican.


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