Stanley Ann Dunham: The Young Mother Abroad

Barak Obama and His Mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Great picture!

Just a quick post to plug an interesting story appearing in this week’s New York Times Sunday Magazine about Barak Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham

The story is written by Janny Scott, a reporter at the New York Times and is adapted from her book, A Singular Woman:  The Untold Story of Barak Obama’s Mother (2008), a book that I have so far missed, but will add to my list soon.

All I want to do in this brief post is encourage people to check out the story.  If we could get some Obama bashers and birthers — that particularly paranoid and irrational set — to read the article, they might learn something about the substance and quality of character that creates good and responsible people. 

Barak Obama is blessed by a background rich with experience, but in particular he had the benefit of good people around him when he was a young boy; people of depth and dimension. 

It is hard for me not to draw mean-spirited comparisons between the smart and worldly character of Barak’s mother and the narrow and ignorant character of the people who attack President Obama on baseless spite.  I will resist.  I won’t do it.

What counts as patriotic in this country today?


5 thoughts on “Stanley Ann Dunham: The Young Mother Abroad

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  4. Chavah White

    Think back to 1960 – blacks and whites barely interacted. Nearly every good and decent young women of all colors knew that the purpose of dating was to find a life partner. They also expected to become mothers and therefore looked for a man who would not only be a good father and provider but also wanted to give their children the best possible future. Sleeping with a black man could result in a mixed race child who would never really be accepted in either community. The only white girls who dated black men were deeply troubled or deeply rebellious or (fill-in the blanks).
    If Stanley Ann Durham were really such a good person she would not have even dated BHO Sr. – she was a rebel, maybe unbalanced and did not have her child at heart or she would not have considered even dating husband #2 which meant going off to live in Indonesia . Ann Dunham Obama was anything but responsible – wake up and smell the coffee.

  5. Tour Guide Post author

    A guy just has wonder…

    So Chavah is of the opinion Barak Obama’s mother was not a good and decent woman because she slept with a black man. I suppose it would have been absoluately fine had she slept with a white man and become pregnant en route to finding a “life partner.” It is a good thing, by the way, that Chavah clearrs up that the fact that a white woman sleeping with a black man “could result in a mixed race child.” Uh huh…that’s right. I don’t know…I’m struggling to find ANYTHING in Chavah’s post that makes even a lick of sense. Take race and politics out of the opinions expressed here and logic escapes me.

    The only way to accept anything in this response is to take a very, very limited and bigoted view of the world. Am I right or am I wrong?

    Thank god the world is ending in just over 24 hours. We won’t have to worry about this stuff anymore.


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