Let’s Play Make-Believe and Pretend…

Factory Farm Chickens. This Photo is Still Legal in Minnesota...for now.

…that conservatives are smart enough to understand a double-standard

A bill proposed by Minnesota State Senator Doug Magnus, R-Slayton, MN, would ban recording and possessing undercover videos of animal cruelty and mistreatment.  (Honestly…what the flip is wrong with these people?) 

Senator Magnus says the bill is needed because the people who make these videos “aren’t truthful about what they’re doing.”  So in essence, the bill is proposed to protect industry from rogue and irresponsible camera owners.  Is that right? 

Well, hold on here…wait a second…is it the video that does the harm or the person making the video?  Can’t there be lawful use of undercover video?  Maybe not even undercover…couldn’t a group make legitimate educational or legal use of a video documenting mistreatment of animals?

I am not sure how to get at my point most directly, but isn’t Senator Magnus’s legislation banning all undercover video — even the possession of it — something like banning guns based on the argument that bad people do bad things with guns?

The pro-gun people want to prosecute criminals — oh boy! — but leave the guns blameless based on this phony rhetoric of individual responsibility and action.  People kill, not guns.  Remember? 

And...sadly...so do many Republicans.

So why not let the law take care of supposed rogue videographers and activists?  Should the rights of law-abiding journalists and citizens armed with cell phone cameras and other gadgets have their rights restricted because of a few bad apples?  I’ll give you my camera when you pry it from my cold dead hands!

But reasoning this way is above the intellectual capacity of most right wingers. 

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