Springtime Afternoon in Minneapolis

I just thought I would share another picture taken in Minneapolis today.  This photo was taken during a very short break from my sales responsibilities around 1:00 today.  I don’t know…are my photos geo-tagged?  Maybe one of my two followers can check this for me an let me know.  How much of my privacy is betrayed by my all-too-convenient camera phone.

Lake Harriet, Pathway and Bike Trail. Minneapolis, MN.

And what is this Picasa that I somehow downloaded that has claimed dominion over all of my photos, private and public?  Should I be concerned about that or is that a tool that only resides on my computer?  Perhaps one of my two readers has an answer for that.

(I once had a very reliable and quick source of answers to my tech and software questions, but I cannot tell you about that.)

I shall take a brief nap and see if you have any answers when, God willing, I wake up. 

Take your time.  And check out the link below.  It features a very cool video of people biking in Minneapolis this winter. 


One thought on “Springtime Afternoon in Minneapolis

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