Lake Harriet Ice Out

Lake Harriet Ice Out

Last of the Season's Ice. Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN.

Have one deal in the books already today.  Wasn’t the most graceful move, but it is done.  So one sale for Sales Guy.  Maybe that will help me forget about disastrous goings on in American politics.  Maybe.

Other pleasant distractions exist, too, and I think we need to look for those.  Ice out on Lake Harriet overnight, for example.  A sure sign of spring.  Yesterday large sheets — many acres in size — still covered the lake.  It was that dark, wet ice that breaks up into crystal chimes of ice.  Absolutely beautiful to listen to when the ice breaks up on the shoreline.  My plan was to get out and record the ice crystals this morning, but too late.  I had to go make a sale instead.

Plenty to do yet today.  I have a long list of follow ups and meetings to set.  It is such a nice day, however, that I thought I would take an early lunch and get caught up on personal details. 

Back to work soon…

And I’m still waiting for someone on the political right come forward and defend — with facts and research — the economic value of the GOP budget plan and the use of the budget crisis to forward social policy.  (Don’t expect to get an answer.  I doubt one exists.)  Until then, well…gee, it sure is a nice day.

Lake Harriet Ice. April 11, 2011.


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