Conservatives, Step Up and Defend Yourself

Dwight D. Eisenhower photo portrait.

Not his GOP anymore...

I guess I don’t get it.  You would think that a rational person would act in his or her best interest and yet we have millions of conservatives in this country supporting the destructive policies of the GOP and their poor little cousins in the Tea Party.  What gives?

Why, for example, is the openly partisan Heritage Foundation more reliable than the respected non-partisan Congressional Budget Office

I show in an earlier post on this blog how plainly inept and stupid Alison Fraser, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Institute for Economic Policy Studies, is on the subject of budgets and taxes.  But she’s an “expert” who regurgitates the conservative anti-tax, anti-government slop so she ranks highly with the right.

Can someone on the right — maybe someone a little more intelligent than the empty voices we hear from so far — say exactly what it is about government that has been so bad?  Prosperous decades of economic growth don’t seem all that bad to me.  We had that once.  The standard of living in this country was among the best in the world.  We made progress in science, social issues, the environment, and education.  Now we are losing ground in all of these areas…fast.

We don’t fund this stuff anymore.  It simply is not a case of a spending problem, it is a funding problem, deliberately devised and maintained by the right and it hurts us all.

Even things that most conservatives, but not all (anyone heard from an ass named Michael Greve recently?), believe government should provide is in horrible disrepair.  Our infrastructure is a disgrace

And god knows we really need to be spending all that money on wars we didn’t have to start.  I mean stop right there.  Doesn’t the decietful way we got into our current wars tell you enough about the moral character of conservatives?  Doesn’t that explain the conservative method clearly enough? 

Still conservatives want to cut more of what we need and less of what we don’t.  War = Good.  Health care = Bad.

Even worse, they are willing to cut programs and services that have helped build a strong and stable society before they will cut unbalanced tax cuts.  Where is the sense in that?  Literally putting a heavier burden on less fortunate Americans to bankroll America’s decline.  And millions of blind followers of the conservative cause support this policy even as they pay a greater share of their wealth as a result.

Maybe conservatives are not very good with quantitative skills like math and statistics…could that be it?

To put it plainly, too damn smart and informed to vote Republican.

So common conservatives.  Where is your defense?  How have tax cuts and less government made our lives better?  We are crawling out of a horrible recession, one caused by wild and loose activity in the financial markets, but you want to reduce financial regulations once again.  You want to continue tax cuts even as we are in debt.  You want to promote old energy technology as the world moves ahead.  You want to roll back generations of social progress.  And by all means essentially privatize Medicare programs with a voucher system that wastes even more tax money to support the less efficient private health insurance industry.  Does any of this make sense? 

Moreover, conservatives are the anti-earmark people, or so they claim, and yet they are essentially “earmarking” their narrow social values in budget legislation, holding progress hostage for unrelated issues like the enviroment and women’s health care. 

Defend yourself.  Cite facts.  In this way, at least, be more like your better and more intelligent opposition on the left.


2 thoughts on “Conservatives, Step Up and Defend Yourself

  1. Yu No Hu

    Yeah, but you forgot the Supreme Court decisions that are chipping away at freedoms, and have opened the way for tax money to fund private religious education, and God knows what else the Supreme Court has done. People are nuts here.


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