Republican Shut Down Strategy

Unofficial seal of the United States Congress


Regardless of blame, cause, or reality, Republicans and their poorer cousins in the Tea Party complain loudly about the horrible state of the economy. 

They can only rail in superlatives:  We are seeing the absolute end of freedom and the American way of life because of the worst economic crisis in history…and it is only going to get worst…and then even worse than that still unless…of course…we elect more Republicans who have the wrong strategies for economic strength and recovery.

(Fact check anyone?)

So what can Republican do as the economy improves despite their best efforts to keep things down?  Well…they can derail the economy with a petty government shutdown.  Isn’t that what’s going on? 

By the way, you can watch the conservatives insert their self-serving social agenda in what is supposed to be fiscal legislation as they introduce things like abortion legislation and environmental regulation in what should be spending bills.  I have said all along that the budget and the economy are merely convenient vehicles for moving anti-government, anti-people legislation through Congress.

What is wrong with these people?


One thought on “Republican Shut Down Strategy

  1. Valerie

    Great post as usual. What’s wrong with the Repubs and the baggers is that one is in the pocket of Corporations and the other the baggers hate Obama who they see as an interloper ( a black man in the most powerful office in the world) and while many repubs may not like this fact I believe the tea baggers hold a special disdain for the changing face of America. Every policy that the repubs and their crazier sister party espouses is destroying the middle class, hurting both poor and middle class and benefiting the wealthy. Soon there will be to classes in America the rich and the poor. And most of us understand that we will be relegated to the ranks of the poor and permenantly disadvantage.


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