Thats me. Most of me.

Sales Guy was out doing it today.  Swinging doors and smiling.  What a trying way to make a living…unless you set your attitude straight.  And that’s what I did today.

The day started with a bang.  I took one or two snarky phone calls and decided to regroup.  I took a nap. 

People put me to sleep sometimes.  Can’t quite get around that fact.  And the petty little problems that confronted me first thing this morning made me down right sleepy. 

You gotta have a real need, you know…stay on your toes so you can pick up the easy meat.  And the moment wasn’t right.  So without much thought I gave up my points for style and gave myself a good shake, an easy smile…

Then I went for a walk.

And what a beautiful walk!  Look at the photos.  Here is Minnehaha Falls Park in Minneapolis.  Longfellow wrote about it.  We were so impressed we named the neighborhood after him. 

I recall one day long ago…my parents still had the blue Chevrolet, the only Chevrolet my family would ever own…and I thought it would be fun to see a waterfall, something I had never seen before, and my parents consulted each other and decided we were off to Minnehaha Falls.

Minnehaha Falls. Minneapolis, MN.

This was a big day.  It is also the first day this St. Paul boy ever saw Lake Calhoun and the Ford Dam.  I think I also saw my first hippies. 

It was a hot day.  I want to say the temperature hit 104 in Minneapolis so check your climatology records.  It would be a record for that date.  Hot enough to make the old tires on the Chevrolet squeal like Dad was peeling out!  The hippies didn’t seem to notice, though…and I was somewhat disappointed because I was convinced it was pretty cool in a hip way. 

We took a squealing turn onto the Mendota Bridge and off to the falls and I took a picture just like this one.  Plenty of vertigo.  The thought of falling over into the falls rather scared the hell out of me, but I loved it. 

I think this was a point in my childhood when I was coded for the future.  I played it safe, but if I had been allowed to tumble over the falls (and survive) who knows what I might be doing today.  Writing a blog?  Sales?  Maybe a race car driver.  (Doubtful.) 

Over the Falls.

But no bother…

After bringing some of my work to Minnehaha Falls Park I did meet a client or two.  Nothing of interest there, unfortunately.  Dead time.  So I worked my way over to Nicollet Island.

Nicollet Island is…well, it is an island in the Mississippi River in the heart of Minneapolis.  You could argue, in fact, that it is the heart of Minneapolis, part of old St. Anthony, Minnesota, which grew into Minneapolis.

I lived in the area while attending the University of Minnesota.  The area was nice then but not what it is today.  My walking course took me across the Stone Arch Bridge which meant squeezing through a gap in a chain link fence and onto the barren bridge.  No trespassing signs meant the bridge was mostly abandoned of walkers, although I met a charming girl out there once, getting drunk on brandy. 

Then I would walk along the old mill runs and Lock and Dam #1 in Minneapolis, under the Third Street and Hennepin Bridges to the active railroad bridge that crosses over to Nicollet Island.  A very nice walk.  But it has changed a lot.

The Stone Arch Bridge, for example, is a busy bike and walkway now and not a No trespassing threat.  And an old donkey that was tethered to a stake on Nicollet Island is gone.  (I think a chicken or two remains however.)  Nicollet Island has changed some.  The houses are nicely restored and it feels almost new, but still quite lovely.

I’ll write more about Nicollet Island and such later, including my uncanny ability to identify burr oaks, even burr oak saplings, at a distance.  But I have been working on this post for too long.  So I will leave you now with a picture from Boom Island Park in Minneapolis, just adjacent to Nicollet Island on the river’s east bank.  I have some stories here, too.  But getting bogged down and busy.  No time to edit.  (Sorry.)

Boom Island. Minneapolis, MN.


But back again to sales.  Yes…Made a few reasonable contacts today, despite all of my wandering.  Might even squeeze a sale or two out of one or two of them.  That would be a good thing.  Much of today was spent dreaming, including dreams about commissions. 

Dreaming about commissions doesn’t cut it, by the way.  If you are a dreamer and in sales, you might be in the wrong profession.  You need to find a line of work where dreams pay.


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