Going to Pull in the Reins a Bit

Youth Culture - Mods & Rockers 1960s - 1970s

Hitting the Streets

I think I will get A Little Tour in Yellow focused on sales again…which means I’ll write more about walks in the park, bad coffee, and good places for naps and bathroom breaks.  Political rants are a dime a dozen.  Still I think I will push on with my rants, but on a different blog.  I think.

I have a good practical reason for focusing on sales-related posts, too; staying on topic here would help me prep for a looming deadline.  I think.

So…Does anyone — any of my two or three readers — know if there is a quick and easy way to move posts from one blog to another?

Of course I reserve the right to post whatever the hell I want here (Paul Ryan has a pretty short-sighted, misleading bit of legislation in the news today), but we’ll see how I can do talking sales.  It is a nice day for a walk in a park, after all.


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