Minnesota’s Brilliant Zellers…

English: Minnesota State Rep. Kurt Zellers


Minnesota’s speaker of the house Kurt Zellers was on MRP with lumpy dumpy state senate majority leader Amy Koch and tried to answer a few question.  Their effort was futile.  Listen for yourself.  This is what happens when you elect people hardly qualified for the PTA social committee to important office.  They mouth soundbites.  No answers to questions.

But most telling was bowl-cut Zellers response to a question about sacrifice.  A caller asked if it were fair for people to turn off their heat to make ends meet when wealthier Minnesotans were paying a smaller percentage of their income in taxes versus the middle class.

Zellers let us know that we all sacrifice.  He said he worked in the public relations industry and his answer makes you wonder…really?  He said he was fired (that makes sense) and he and his wife had to make hard decisions.  He said…no lie, listen for yourself…that they had to talk about club memberships and a trip to Hawaii and see if those were in the budget.

Not only does this scream stupid, it misses the point entirely. 

Sacrifice is relative.  I’ll give that to Kurt.  If you want to be an asshole there is nothing preventing that.  If you’re stupid…well, you’re stupid.  But is it better to be wealthy in the United States or to be wealthy in a place like Somalia? 

There’s a reason why the lucky from third world countries come to the United States.  We have — or at least had — a better standard of living.  We had an educated, healthy, and progressive population that took advantage of economic opportunities, for example.  People like Zellers could count on people to provide services like health care, design functioning bridges, and give good hair cuts…something Kurt clearly cares nothing about, but the rest of us do. 

Now we are dumbing ourselves down and poor little Kurtiebert is sharing the pain because he’s sparing Hawaii the eyesore of his pale ass on the beach?  Really?  That is supposed to make us feel better? 

Zellers was fired from PR for a reason.  He’s an idiot.  But that should not surprise us.  He’s a Republican.  And Republicans are idiots.  Tautologies ring true.


2 thoughts on “Minnesota’s Brilliant Zellers…

  1. V. Lyn

    I love the post and your accurate description of Kurt, but even more I love how you pointed out that sacrifice is relative. Most of us would love to have to make the choice of sacrificing a country club membership and or a trip to Hawaii verses what the caller you mentioned said perhaps having to choose between heat or food.


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