Because I live in Minnesota…

Give way sign placed before roundabouts in Aus...

Give Way Sign in Australia

…I don’t like traffic roundabouts

To use a roundabout safely, drivers need to know how to yield.  In Minnesota drivers do not know how to yield.  I’m not sure they know what yield means. 

Minnesota drivers don’t understand stop signs either.  In my neighborhood everyone ignores stop signs — police, school buses, little old nuns — no one stops at stop signs.  So expect them to know how to yield?  Fat chance.

I drive many thousands of miles a year all over the city and state and I believe Minnesotans absolutely must rank near the very bottom on a driving ability scale.  I don’t know…I’ve heard the drivers in Costa Rica are fairly weak, but I would have to see it for myself.

As a kid the grown ups would brag about their great driving skills.  It would even come up as a side  talk on news shows and radio programs, usually related to our occasional stormy weather.  No one, we were led to believe, could handle a car better than a Minnesotan, especially in the winter. 

It is all a bunch of baloney.

The state that comes in a close second, in my humble opinion, is Arizona.  I lived there for 10 years and they are about as careless and unskilled there as they are here in Minnesota…about half as careless and unskilled.  But then I figured it all out.  It makes perfect sense that Arizona drivers would be about half as bad as Minnesota drivers because half of the people living in Arizona come from Minnesota.

What don’t Minnesotans do right on the road?  Well…they don’t know how to merge, pick the wrong lanes to drive in, block traffic, tail gate, don’t signal lane changes, daydream, swerve and drive at inconsistent speeds, ignore traffic signs, run red lights, and generally drive me nuts. 

Those of you in Wisconsin — yes, you, in your beat up Pontiac Firebirds — you don’t get off the hook either.  You’re a little easier to deal with because you drive at half the speed of everyone else.  I can simply scoot around you.

Now that I have that off my chest, I can go out and drive, avoiding all known traffic roundabouts.  I wish I could avoid my fellow Minnesotans, too.


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