Mondays, Sales Days, and Existential Doubt…

Every so often this sales guy wonders about it all then gets angry at himself for falling into that clichéd state of being that gets carelessly lumped up with some quasi-philosophical notion of “existential doubt.”  You know…something that might be more appropriately called a mid-life crisis or teen angst.

In my experience, Mondays are great days to experience your run-of-the mill teen angst and mid-life crisis all carelessly lumped together.  Nothing ever seems to get done on Mondays so plenty of time exists to ponder such things.  In my case it is stuff like:  Did that guy not sign because I wore an obnoxious tie?  Does the office receptionist catch me leering at her through the fish tank mirror?  Am I on the wrong side of the desk?

God, what a spectacularly uneventful and frustrating day. 

The best way to deal with this is to put yourself in an irrationally good mood.  (I have recently begun to take my example from All Creatures Great and Small, especially the first three seasons, which I have written about in earlier posts.  Scroll down for the good stuff on this blog.) 

It works.  Sales is more or less like a cocktail party anyway so sometimes it just makes sense to have some fun.  When cold-calling, sales is like crashing a cocktail party.  You don’t really know the other guests.  If you don’t make friends, you don’t have to go back.   (Don’t expect an invitation.  Ask for one.  “Say, maybe we should try this again some time.”)  If things do work out, you’ve made friends and crashing the party will become the subject of good times and bon mots.  Back slapping and glad handing.  So get in there and have a good time…

But if you cannot have a good time, don’t get all caught up in this existential stuff.  A failed sales days is too light on the cosmic scales to weigh heavily on any grand philosophical question.  Unless you’re Willy Loman, perhaps, or aspiring to be. 

It is true, some of us have plenty of things to doubt and question, plenty of reasons for an existential crisis (plenty more about that again later), but a bad Monday?  For my part, bad Mondays are a bit Sisyphean, it is true, and that is where it ends.  Every damn Monday, more or less the same, me watching the clock and both waiting for the hours to tick off and being anxious that time is getting while trudging through the same old Monday bull shit.  But I haven’t any question about where I am and how I got here.  It simply isn’t all that glamorous sometimes.

So I found this wonderful post on and I think this guy has it on the nut.  The writer’s name is Geoffrey Klempner (must be a Brit…I wonder if he as any thoughts about All Creatures Great and Small to share) and he answers the question “What does it mean to have ‘existential doubts’?” here.  And I thought I would share. 

Besides, what else have I got going on today other than a blinking phone and an afternoon of calls to deal with?  Nothing uncertain about that.  A dialectic of skepticism, indeed.


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