Looking for a Hobby

Thanks to Mayberry Mania Memorabilia

I could use a hobby, something to be nerdy and passionate about…like the guy in the film The Station Agent and his crazy thing for trains.  (I do like trains, by the way…I am very seriously toying with trainspotting as the answer.)

Cows are an option.  I do like cows.  Driving around looking at cows and talking about cows might be a fun and quirky hobby.  I think I would enjoy buying books about cows and subscribing to cow journals.  Cows live in beautiful places, too. 

While I think about a hobby, let me share this great old TeleVu cover.  I love it.  While researching ideas for a hobby, I thought joining a Billy Mumy fan club might be an option.   Yes, I was a big fan of Lost in Space as a kid.  Billy was interesting, but I felt like he was overacting a bit and my real interest was Penny played by Angela Cartwright.  Adorable Penny in her little purple velour dress or that ultra-modern, ultra-sexy silver space suit.  The fun I imagined for Penny and me…

She's Looking at Me...


I am in pursuit of a hobby.   Or perhaps I am looking for discipline.  I am indeed writing the Great American Novel.  That’s something.  However it is also something that is getting moldy.  Stalled.  I read somewhere that every so often I should let ideas rest for a “decent” amount of time.  I have taken that advice just a little too much to heart.

Whatever it is — trains, cows, or Angela Cartwright — I need to get serious about something.  Who has some ideas for me?


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