Is She a Joke?

Michele Bachmann was on WCCO again this morning and again she was nothing but misleading. In one grand sweep she implied that Obama is to blame for gas prices, disorder in the Mideast, and the economy

Michele pointed out that gas $1.83 a gallon when Obama took office and now it is over $4.00 a gallon in some parts of the country.  Well, one of the reasons for the $1.83 per gallon gasoline was the recession.  We certainly want more of that!  The economy stalled and demand for oil went with it.  Gasoline is rising in price now in some part because the economy is gaining strength and gaining momentum.  There only is so much oil and that supply is up against increasing global demand.

Republicans — supposedly friends of business and self-described experts on all things relating to economics and finance– can’t get their head around the idea that oil is a global market.  As long as we need to tap into that global maket, our prices will be set by that market.  The United States cannot meet its demand for oil with domestic production.  It is that simple. 

Bachmann says she wants Obama out of office because we need to do something about the turmoil in the Middle East.  If Republicans have any credibility, it is about peace and stability, right?  These are the people who started two wars, destroyed Iraq, and support an unbalanced policy in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  I could point out that many people in the West praise the political changes occuring in North Africa and Middle East as steps toward democracy and stronger human rights — that is a good thing — but Republicans don’t show much respect for democracy and rights.  Bachmann’s stupid comment here deserves no additional comment.  It merely shows how out of touch she is with facts.

And that economy that she wants Republicans to fix with a new Republican president.  Uh huh.  We have seen what decades of Republican rule and conservative principles have done to our economy.  Deregulation and tax cuts haven’t helped anyone but big business and foreign investment.  The idea that this generates jobs here in the United States seems to have failed in practice.  The middle class is in decline, real wages for most Americans have been flat or falling, and more and more of our wealth is moving up to fewer and fewer people and more often ended up in foreign investments.

In reality, the economy is turning around despite the fairly compromised efforts of our president.  Scaling back these efforts further will only delay recovery.  More importantly, Republicans are anti-government.  The economy simply is an opportunity for them to justify dismantling government and the public goods and services government provides.  This doesn’t make us better, it makes us weaker.  We are living with the proof now.


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