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Unlike my blog, which has something for everyone, your government moves toward less and less for everyone.  Of course exceptions exist, but making that point draws the fire from the right and is erroneously called socialism, fascism, and so forth. 

Two remarkable things have happened.  First, the right has hijacked public discourse.  Compared with progressives, conservatives have become much, much, MUCH better at taking a message and making it their own. 

Listen to talk radio if you have any doubts.  You will hear the conservative authorities, whether radio talk show hosts or politicians (is there a difference?), speak the same line — repeatedly — and their followers regurgitate it all just like a young teary-eyed teen mouthing the lyrics to a Justin Bieber song.

In fact what is the difference between the raging cult of American conservativism today and the pre-adolescent cult of teen idols?  In neither do you see much debate.  I have that right, don’t I?  Both groups look quite a lot alike, too, a mass of people under the thrall of a movement or a boy who cannot do anything to help them achieve and grow.  The different is one — Bieber, in case you are unsure — is, we hope, merely a teenage fad and for some a rite of passage.  The other — American Conservativism — is bad for your health, economy, job, security…bad for your future.

What happens on the political right today does nothing to help curb our deficit.  Cutting funding for public radio or after school programs for economically disadvantaged children is not going to balance the budget.  Not even close. 

Cutting funding does achieve the conservative goal of less government, however.  Nevermind that doing so is destroying decades of progressive social and economic growth, they don’t like government.  Why?  Because government serves everyone and conservatives are the party of me and only me.  It is that simple.  Prove otherwise.

Sadly, as less-is-more government finally prevails, we all suffer.  Think about what that means for Americans.  We’re on a strange slide.  The common efforts that supported decades of social growth and opportunity are at risk.  It isn’t that outrageous to think that requesting free public schools will be tarred and feathered as socialism.  Hell, Muammar Qadhafi successfully fought against public education in Libya, claiming it was a form of government control.  You can imagine someone like Michele Bachmann taking that to her Tea Party Caucus, can’t you?

So as the right has successfully controlled public discourse — changed black to white and white to black — they have finally begun to unravel the investments we have all made in our government and its public goods and services.  This change is coming at great expense which is disproportionately carried by the people who benefit from government most directly.

If you don’t believe it, ask a few questions.  Is America better off today compared with 40 years ago?  Is the average American better off?  Who has gained the most in the past 30 or 40 years? 

Until we get out heads out of the sand and start using the brains that are stored in them, the things are not going to get any better.  But I have written about this many times before and many thousands of other people have done the same and done so better…how can the right continue to win?


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