One Blogger’s Advice to Wisconsin Protesters

Two girls protesting child labour (by calling ...

Two Girls Protesting Child Labor

If you need an example of how out of touch some people are when it comes to jobs, the economy, and unions…well, look no further.  Penelope Trunk has a marvelously simple-minded and misguided example for all to enjoy. 

In response to protests in Wisconsin’s legislative attempt to remove collective bargaining power from public employees, Ms Trunk’s answer seems to be change jobs if you don’t like it.  Unions are passe anyway.  Hell, we haven’t had child labor problems since the 1880s, at least according to Penelope.  So why the bother with unions?  We’ve solved all of the world’s labor problems!  People don’t stay in one job for more than a few years anyway, so take advantage of the fluid labor market and go get yourself a better job.  That’s it!  Simple.

You can read her post for yourself.  Other than a nod to a brother who is a University of Chicago economist (don’t get me started) she easily ambles through feel good self-help as blithely as a school girl hammering out a civics term paper. 

Some people clearly will benefit from a change in strategy and a new career path.  Penelope Trunk’s ideas will mean something to those people, but I expect that most of those people will find that path without Governor Walker’s anti-worker efforts. 

Very simply, the argument in Ms Trunk’s blog don’t stand up to fact and reason.  First of all…has she noticed the nation’s unemployment rate?  How about Wisconsin’s?  Perhaps the Wisconsin public workers could go to Guangzhou, China, where American corporations are creating more jobs than they are here in the United States. 

I am going back to yesterday’s post her on A Little Tour in Yellow.  What the hell is our problem with public workers in the United States?  Good lord.  When people elected to run our government cannot even find their way to be grateful for the work public employees do, I think we have some problems.  Government employees are seen as inefficient, lazy, and ungrateful.  These are the people who keep what’s left of our government services functioning.  The people who are ungrateful increasingly are the public they serve.  That is very discouraging and sad.  We are better than this and if we’re going to be great again we need ideas more thoughtful than those like Penelope Trunk’s casual advice.


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