Important Series Update

I am still caught up in All Creatures Great and Small so I am afraid I don’t really have anything meaningful to say about politics or sales.  No comments about the weather, either, although it has been quite boring around here recently.  (Cold, sunny, dry…dull winter weather.)  But who cares?  There’s All Creatures Great and Small!

A lot has happened in ten episodes (50 more to go, plus some specials!).  James and Helen have fallen in love and are now married.  I don’t know why this has to be part of the story line, but I suppose it is part of James Herriot‘s story.  Too much time spent on the sappy romance stuff for my liking although it was a treat to be part of the village dances when James was chasing Helen.  Can’t learn much from that sort of content though.

What I am learning, however, is great stuff.  First of all, back in 1937, they drank and smoked a lot in the English countryside.  Hardly an event goes without a drink of some sort.  Beer two.  In fact every major (male) character in this show has gotten soused at least once, including Siegfried Farnon, James Herriot’s boss and my favorite character played by Robert Hardy.  In fact Farnon lost a chance at a prestigious position with a local horse race track because he opted to have a few too many with an old friend.  Lesson here:  Friendship matters.

And they smoke a lot.  Really has me wondering about my pipe.  A guy really should have more than one pipe if he is going to smoke a pipe, but I have only one.  And it is lost…or misplaced.  But I think I should have my pipe and smoke a lot.  It adds a kind of rustic style to things.  Plus people tend to give you cigars if you smoke pipes.  Seems odd, I know, but if it is in the show, it must be so.

And waistcoats…I have only one and I feel disadvantaged because I don’t have more.  Older characters in 1937 wore waistcoats, the younger guys fair isle lambswool vests.  I like both.  Ties are de rigueur, even farmers wear ties. 

The most important thing of all to learn from All Creatures Great and Small is about energy and positive outlook.  Keep looking ahead and do so with panache and style!  It helps if you can be witty and I have to believe the scotch, whiskey, and brandy helps with that at times.  (Stout and ale seems to make people sing folksy songs badly, but there is a place for that, too.)

Rober Hardy, Carol Drinkwater, and Christopher Timothy

So yes…another reminder that I am living roughly 100 years too late for my time, but then I wouldn’t be able to share all these fantastic things with you via the internet if I had lived in my proper time, now would I?  So perhaps in the end it is all ok.

Just another fifty episodes to go and I’ll be able to get back to work.


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