Madness…at last.

I cannot get enough of the old British television series All Creatures Great and Small.  What an excellent show!  It has everything I look for in a good series.  It is quirky, fun, and chock full of great stuff like tweed jackets, good manners and plenty of boozing and smoking while saving animals in the late 1930s Yorkshire countryside.  I can’t think of anything that ‘s missing.  It is perfect.

In fact I am going to watch the next episode.  I have to see how James Herriot recovers his drunken faux pas seen by the belle Helen, a woman for whom James has romantic interests…

See!  This show is full of valuable lessons.  You can learn how to dress well, deliver a calf and how to recover from making a spectacle of yourself.  I think they should make this required viewing in our public schools. 

(Can you tell I really don’t have much to write tonight?  Pointing out the obvious shortcomings of Michele Bachmann et al is a bit dull and yesterday.  Back to All Creatures Great and Small.)


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