Time to Sleep with…

William Stokes (1804 - 1878)

This is William Stokes. I have no idea who he is.

…the windows open.

(Hell, I just now discovered that I wrote the wrong headline for this post!  That must explain why my readership dropped.  The headline was supposed to be as it is now, clever!  It is clever, right?  And then the sentence finishes with “…the windows open.”  Nothing scandalous.  In fact a rather lame post.  Go ahead and read it as long as you are here…

Oh, one more thing, the Postive Airway Pressure was an attempt to trick people with breathing problems into reading my blog.  I’m all about class.  Now read the blog…as long as you’re here.)

This is where I am…this is how bad it has all become.  I thought I might write about Positive Airway Pressure as a way to trick people who are seeking information about sleep apnea therapy into finding my blog.  My thinking worked like this (ready?):  Write about Positive Airway Pressure and trick people who are seeking information about sleep apnea therapy into finding my blog.


I had an angle, however.  I have been sleeping much of the winter with my bedroom windows open, open just a bit.  The goal is getting my bedroom almost uncomfortably cold so I can then burrow between fresh sheets deep under thick down comforters and wool blankets.  But many nights my bedroom doesn’t get cold at all.  And I thought…well, hell, maybe that’s positive airway pressure at work.  Do you suppose?

It made sense to me.  You know…the pressure outdoors being less than indoors drawing my warm bedroom air out rather than pulling the cool outdoor air in. Bingo, you have a case of  “Positive” airway pressure.  Seems like a legitimate possibility. 

But that isn’t at all what we have going on here and I know CPAP therapy is a serious issue for many people.  Tricking them into finding my blog isn’t very thoughtful.  Not at all.   However, regardless of how you found this blog, I would hope that all of you with sleep apnea — or your spouse and/or bedmates who are awake because you’re snoring — would have time in your sleepless hours to read my freaking post about The Shining and conservativism in America today!  No one likes that post.  Just me.  And I wrote the damn thing so it is like a guy loving his own sociopath child…it hardly counts.

Therefore, while I’m sleeping in my overheated bedroom, will someone link my blog for me? 

Thank you and sleep well.



2 thoughts on “Time to Sleep with…

  1. Pauline Kale

    You keep mentioning The Shining. I’ll admit I only saw the preview, not the whole movie, but I just don’t get your post…

  2. Tour Guide Post author

    Hello Pauline Kale…My fixation on The Shining has become a bit much, hasn’t it? Madness. But I think if you watch the film and follow along with the post…the post makes a lot of sense. Simple. And the film is failry decent.

    Don’t give up on me. Even though my most loyal reader, U No Hu, doesn’t care for my comments about film and politics as much as she should, I will write more of that sort of thing and might show up with a film you have seen.


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