A Sale a Day

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Just working on a sale a day.  Anything more is gravy.

Overall a good day today.  I actually liked most of the people I met, even the bi-polar guy with the sociopaths grinning from the periphery as he turned from hot to cold didn’t seem all that bad.  I was getting a little tired anyway and the amount of any sale I might have made from his business hardly would have been worth the added strain.  I wished him good luck and drove off.

Next call though…oh, god.  I warn people about this all the time.  It amazes me how many people really — truly genuinely — seem to think they know my business better than I do right to the point of demanding things I don’t sell. 

“I’m sorry, little miss, but I can’t do that.” 

“Oh, yes, you can.  I have been doing this for years.”

Doing what for years, pray tell?  Actually it is I who  have been doing “this” for years and yet people seem to know more than I know.  Woe is me, I guess…Poor simple little me.  Bah! 

If I have time to waste, I’ll take their time with me.  I eventually gave up the fight with this stubborn client — temporarily — and said Ok.  I said I would get on my computer and see what I could do.  (That gave me a few minutes to check email.) 

“Nope, sorry.  It just isn’t there.  I know it is hard to believe, but I can’t sell you that.”

We pushed and pulled a little and I decided I better move on.  You have to keep things at a professional level and I was starting to feel more motivated by the sport of sparring than being motivated by a good sale.

No worries though.  All in all it was a good day.


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