Time out! Is this right?

Antonio Gramsci's writings on the hegemony of ...
Antonio Gramsci

I must have been sleeping and missed it, but I read today that the GOP actually has called their effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act.”  Are you kidding me? 

Another almost childish absurdity with a twist of Orwellian Newspeak from the GOP.  Come on, thinking people, you have to understand this, don’t you? 

I know there are some conservative friends who check this blog from time to time and I have to ask you…what the hell is wrong with conservatives today?  Doesn’t this embarrass you? 

In my previous post I suggest (quite correctly) that you can study Jack Torrance from the 1980 film The Shining to understand conservative politics today, and now that I have identified that connection, it is hard not to see it everywhere.  The babble that Jack Torrance typed day after day while going mad at The Overlook isn’t much different than the empty and misleading rhetoric delivered by the right today. 

All we hear from the right is boiler plate cynicism, sound bites geared at stoking emotions.  And Main Street conservatives support it!  Why?  Well, suddenly every GOPer thinks he’s Jack Welch just because he backs the Republican agenda.  But one should question how much people aligned with the GOP really understand about business and economics.

We hear the same BS about “uncertainty” ,  “jobs”, and “job-killing” from the GOP.  Of course creating uncertainty and killing jobs is something the GOP does know something about.  Rebuilding jobs, especially for the American middle class, is another matter.

It is disgraceful — and irresponsible — that Republicans are not smart enough to look into history and economics and see where the trends lie.  You cannot be intellectually honest and believe the pointless rhetoric spewed by the misguided right.  Prove me wrong.  Cite facts.  Build an argument. 

Progressives on the left need to pay attention.  Sadly the cheap rhetorical tactics of the right work.  People don’t want to think, they want to be led.  The GOP is proving it with greater and greater efficiency.  Conservatives have attained the cultural hegemony that Antonio Gramsci warned us about almost 100 years ago.  We need strategies of our own.  Intelligence should defeat ignorance.

(Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks is worth a look.)

But back to this bill the GOP will pass through the House.  Really?  Come on!  The…what is it called?…”Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act”!  Hilarious!  It sounds like a grade school clique bullying the kids they don’t like. 

Insecurity runs deep, GOP, and it shows. 


2 thoughts on “Time out! Is this right?

  1. Yu No Hu

    well, if you do have the odd conservative read your blog, you need to explain hegemony to them. Conservatives use the term wrongly–they think it means dominance. You should clear that up for them. I suspect your analysis of understanding the GOP through Jack’s descent in The Shining might be brilliant, but I’m afraid if I read it, I’ll be disappointed. You’re the best at writing these teases on Twitter of anyone I ever knew or heard of.

  2. Tour Guide Post author

    I think U No Hu is correct…I forget that I am writing to conservatives and based on the depth of thinking that’s going on over there on the right, well…I put a link to Gramsci, but in a nutshell hegemony in a simplified easy-to-understand short version is a means of generalizing the values and interests of the dominating class so that they appear to also be the values and interests of the people exploited by the dominating class. So let’s say, for example, all of the wealth of a society is trickling up to a privileged few…investment bankers, perhaps…and wages and saving for the working class suffer. Workers might even be paying higher interest rates to the bankers for the privilege of being in debt to them and bailing them out with their taxes, which the bankers refuse to pay. The workers don’t look after their best interests. Instead they preach the value of free markets and just rewards of capitalism even though the system is being rigged in favor of the bankers at the expense of the workers. Government of the people should serve the people, but the social hegemony won by the bankers in this mythical example tilts the power of government toward the interests of the bankers and those being shorted by it support it. There’s an example.

    Supply side economics generally is a fabulous hegemonic narrative maintaining an economically unjust status quo.


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