A Fresh Week

A sunset in the Arizona desert near Scottsdale...

My Home for Ten Years. Wonderful Place.

My plans for the weekend were off a touch.  The detestable attack in Arizona made poking fun at crazy right wingers and tea baggers a little inappropriate and I really wasn’t up for much else. 

It seems to me that the right has fallen off the edge, but they don’t see it that way.  Certainly you cannot make the generalization that because one crazy right winger attacked a fairly moderate liberal that all right wingers are crazy.  That wouldn’t be right, but you cannot stop some of the crazies on the right from making such generalizations.  I’ll stop.

But all this talk about not “politicizing” the attack is a bit of nonsense.  The attack appears to have been almost certainly a political one.  I suppose there could be a mistaken identity defense?  How else are you going to explain an attempt on the life of a congresswoman?  And don’t forget a federal judge killed, along with many others.  I think it is entirely appropriate to put this crime in context and that is not politicizing anything beyond the inherent political act itself.

Anyway I am growing tired of the finger pointing.  The fact that everyone is running for cover tells me all that I need to know.  People understand now that rhetoric can have violent consequences.  Perhaps the supposedly moderate leadership on the right will react more strongly to hate before it turns violent.  Maybe…just maybe…they will back off from sanctioning lies in support of political goals.  (Health care?  The economy?  Wars in the Middle East?  Anyone paying attention to the rhetorical dishonesty from the right that undermines responsible debate on those issues?)  Perhaps we can start fresh with honest debate and discourse.  I’m not holding my breath.

For my part I am diving into a fresh week with my simple goals in mind.  One week at a time.  I think it might be a smart way to go in sales and for next week that’s all I’ve got.  Certainly bigger goals and benchmarks must be met, but why let that spoil all the fun.  Take things one day and then one week at a time.  Easier to keep score.  With that in mind I loaded up what looks to be a fairly productive week.  There is some time off for internal meetings, but the rest should be out in the field.

My goal is to add at least two new accounts to my book of business and place new orders with six of my current clients.  I also plan to get an evening of skiing in early in the week.

I will keep you posted.


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