Studies of Conservative Thought

Lisa Murkowski

Minnesota's First Congressional District. Representative Lisa Murkowski?

Boy hardly a moment goes by…

I am certain that there are people of intelligence who can still (inexplicably) be proud to call themselves conservatives, but one has to wonder.  In the short time I had listened to conservative arguments today I didn’t hear a lot that would make anyone proud.


Take the poorly informed chap from somewhere near Rochester, Minnesota, who called into National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation to complain about “earmarks.”  Like most people who complain about earmarks — including many of the people who are responsible for assigning them — he did not really understand earmarks.  But no matter…earmarks were taking away his freedom, wasting his money, and redundant anyway.  Why use legislation to fund highways?  No!  We have a highway commission of some sort to do that. 

But what allocates funds budget to highways to highways…?

You might easily explain to these poor people that earmarks are essentially a distribution tool rather than a budgeting tool, but…um…they need to be willing to listen to a reasoned explanation and conservatives haven’t much propensity for that these days.

The host of the radio program asked this protester who represented him in the House.  Oh oh…question and answer time.  I have lost all patience with the poorly informed right, but even I felt very uneasy with this one.  It was like watching a stray dog wander onto a busy highway.  You knew it would not be good. 

The caller answered Lisa Murkowski who, of course, is a United States Senator from Alaska and who has been very much in the news recently, but thankfully the caller corrected himself.  “No, that’s not right” he said.  No, it isn’t.  He then blurted “Klobuchar.”  Sure, Klobuchar does represent this poorly informed citizen, but she is one of his senators, not his representative in the United States House, where the earmarking villains hide. 

If you’re going to piss and moan about threats to your freedom, you better understand how the government that defends your freedoms works!  It might help to understand how our government provided support to free people of all social status so they could not only survive, but in many cases thrive.  History, civics, economics…do they teach these subjects anymore?


This one is like shooting fish in a barrel; a cheap shot, perhaps, and almost fun to think about.  It has been mentioned in the media today that Michele Bachmann is considering a run for President of the United States of America in 2012.  Yes, I know.  I giggle, too.  But if you needed any evidence that “conservative” and “intelligence” are two incompatible concepts today, you need to look no further. 

What's on your mind, Michele?

It is bad enough that Bachmann has been elected to any office at all, but an even worse commentary is fact that there are enough misguided souls out there who will actually waste a vote on her.

Bachmann’s transgressions against decency, honesty, and integrity are well-documented.  If you search Bachmann on the internet you are as likely to find posts calling out her slander and disinformation as you are to find anything representing any official Bachmann position.  (Exactly what does Michele Bachmann do?)  She’s the “darling” of the Tea Party and that probably tells you all you need to know about the Tea Party.

I’m depressed.  I’ll tie it up here.


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