Thud. Now Let’s See What Happens.

The Red Sheep of Elrorado in Voltaire's Candid...

The Red Sheep of Eldorado

An important quality for a salesman is optimism.  When you hear No all day everyday you have to believe that it isn’t all bad.  You need to be a bit of a Panglossian.  What could be simpler?

December ended with a slight improvement on an otherwise dreadful month.  It is a tough month in my business anyway and multiple car wrecks, the flu, and a few holidays sprinkled in didn’t really help.  The last couple days of December — Days I usually take as vacation — were the best of the month, but overall December was a decisive a disaster, a downright dud.  Dreadful December. 

Good Riddance December.  Good bye 2010.

You know that our calendar is a somewhat arbitrary measure months, days, seasons, and such, right?  The fact that today is 2011 and five days ago it was 2010 really doesn’t have much bearing on things in a cosmic sense.  Nevertheless there is something fresh about it.  First of all for me sales objectives reset!  It is like starting a new race and that’s always an optimistic time.  There are some practical legal and clerical things, too, like a new tax year, etc.  But otherwise things are what they have been, which is to say that they are what they are.  Unless and until you change that, things don’t change.

I’m not big on grand goals at the new year.  I lose track of them.  So instead, my resolution of sorts, is a set of little steps.  Weekly, perhaps.  This week’s goals:  Collecting money from unnamed clients and sealing up four accounts from unnamed clients.  (I cannot really tell you who is in arrears and who is in my crosshairs, right?)  Plus add one new account to my books.

I’ll add personal goals later.  Let’s see how we do!


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