Year End Sales Update

PF 2011

I have no idea. Do you?

Unfortunately no need for any fun micro-posts describing sales today.  There were no sales. 

Watching some people contort logic so they can talk themself out of buying something they need is an eye opening experience.  Willful deception goes beyond people hiding from a problem or addiction, it functions quite commonly among business owners.  You want to slap them — slap them hard, very hard — and when they start to come around there will be no need to apologize.  You just tell them they were having a bad dream, a nightmare, and you woke them from it.

It can be very discouraging.  Don’t count on the intelligence of your client to be sufficient to understand and accept the benefits of good opportunities.  People are not wired that way.  People are neurotic and logically sloppy.  You have to learn how to be an accepted authority for these people, not a conscientious consultant.

Move on.  Tomorrow is only Thursday.  Only December 30.  The year isn’t over until the end of the day Friday.


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