Hang in There…Time for a Post.

A car accident in Tokyo, Japan.

Closely Resembles My Second Accident.

Nothing upbeat here.  Just hanging on.  This is December:  Started just over two weeks ago with the car accident mentioned in a post on December 11.  (Accident #1)

Six days later  while driving the rental car provided by the insurance company to cover my while my car was being repaired, I slide through a stop sign into traffic and get hit.  (Accident #2) 

A couple days later I get my car back and take it out in the field, happy to be back in my truck.  The happiness wasn’t to last long.  Halfway through the day I could not start my car and had to get it towed to the garage.  It turns out that a corroded A/C pump is keeping my car from turning over.  (Let’s call that an incident.  Incident #3)

No problem.  Get it fixed.  Drive a loaner from the garage.  While driving down 35E in St. Paul an aluminum shower surround flies out of the back of a pick up truck and hits my loaner.  I’m fine, but the car suffers dents on the hood and roof.  (Accident?  Incident?  What is that?  It is #4)

Frankly…it is difficult enough to close deals this time of the year.  It is much more difficult when you’re spending time waiting for tow trucks and car repairs.  Being in front of people is key to sales success.  A good attitude also serves a salesman well.  My attitude this month?  Well, did I mention that I have had the flu and now seem to be suffering some drippy relapse?  Let’s just say every day makes my attitude just a touch worse.  I am a grumpy, impatient SOB…but I put a good face on it.  In fact I think it might help me even a score or two.  I’ve found myself snapping back at knuckleheads a bit more easily recently.  It feels good.

Here’s the score.  I have three days to close about two weeks worth of sales.  Can I do it?  I don’t know.  But tune in here.  I will keep you posted.



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