Creeping up on Christmas Eve [Non-Sales]

There are not enough photos taken of simple things like empty streets and plain buildings. 

I suggest we make an effort to capture more of the mundane.  Focus on unstaged photos.  Instead of you and your friends acting cool for a photo at the bar, just take a picture of the bar.  We have too many auteurs out there and auteurs rework the world to fit an image.  We don’t need that for the record, we need pictures of sidewalk cracks instead.  I am convinced we are coming up short on our stock of simple, uncomplicated photos.  Plus it suits my photography style better.

Oh, but wait…I was going to write about creeping up on Christmas.  I always like to use the word “creeping” when I can.  It runs a chill up the ex-girlfriend’s spine.  Ah, just kidding.  (Never could take a joke.)  I’m just sitting here in my wool check shirt feeling all Santa Clausy thinking about all that I have to do this weekend.  So much better than thinking about what I have done.

Take this for example:  In the last two weeks I have been in two car accidents and blown out a starter.  I have driven three cars that are not my own.  Loaners, rentals.  I have managed to suffer through the flu and I even went to the dentist.  It is hard to find a silver lining, but perhaps we can look at sales…no, let’s not.  It is difficult to sell this time of the year unless you’re selling junk that might become gifts.  Practical things like advertising are low on a business owner‘s interests now.

So what do you do?  Take pictures.  Not pictures of some crummy kid opening a gift, but a picture of the front yard.  Empty, dark, cold.  The forgotten front yard, especially this time of the year.  Who will remember the front yard?


One thought on “Creeping up on Christmas Eve [Non-Sales]

  1. U No Hu

    well, how do you suggest i get out there to take a picture?

    actually, david foster takes a lot of pictures of buildings without people in them. the pictures, not the buildings. although some may be deserted. get it?

    and you can find plenty of photos of concrete cracks in stock photos, but nothing beats taking your own, i suppose.


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