My Pet Bug

Rough couple of weeks here at A Little Tour in Yellow.  Two car accidents (within six days), a nasty cold/flu, and I finally kept an appointment with the dentist.   And look at the calendar. We’re in sales, remember?

Mr. Bug

It is mid-December and sales quotas have to be made.  Participating in extracurriculars like impromptu car accidents, the flu or cold, and a trip to the dentist really doesn’t help.  And now we have the holidays.  What are the holidays all about?  There is too much stress in my world right now  to ponder it, so let’s talk about something that will make everyone happy, especially me.  Let’s talk about my pet bug.

This pet came to me much the way other pets have come into my life:  He just showed up.  I was sitting right where I am sitting now and I noticed this large thing on a window curtain.  At first I thought it was a spider, a really big spider for these parts.  If I had still been in Arizona I would have guessed it was a Black Widow.  I didn’t really give it much thought because I was in the middle of something important and spiders bring good luck, something I would eagerly welcome (my all-too-busy cat, now chasing birds in paradise, hasn’t been able to deliver much good will from the other side), so I let the “spider” hang there.

Eventually I went and checked out the “spider.”  It wasn’t a spider at all.  I am not quite sure what it is.  I have books about trees, rocks, birds, mammals, snakes, snails, and stars, but not one bug book.  These bug looks more like a “bug.”  It looks like it was manufactured by Mattel, which struck my paranoid streak a bit.  (Suppose it is already a crime to have bad opinions of Sara Palin and John Boehner!)  I thought this bug could very easily be equipped with microphone, camera, and transmitter.  So I studied it a bit.  I looked very closely at the bug, especially its eyes to see if it had bug eyes or camera eyes.  It had bug eyes.  But to be sure, I put my ear up to the bug and listened to it.  I was listening for something like the whir of a little cooling fan.  Nothing.  Bug silent.  Reassured, I returned to my work.

Inspired by unknown influences, the bug started walking across the curtain and I liked that.  He is a very cautious and deliberate walker, carefully choosing and then firmly planting each footstep.  I can’t say he moves very quickly walking that way, but he does move, and just when I was admiring his footwork…he fell off the curtain!  I heard a heart-wrenching “smack” on the floor and feared the worse forgetting that bugs can take falls no sweat.  My bug quickly found his feet and started to walk again showing no awkwardness or embarrassment whatsoever.  I advised the bug to stay off the floor because I walk in the room.

The bug heeded my advice.  The next night I saw my bug on the wall, walking very slowly and carefully again.  He has a tiny head and a rather large winged body.  His legs are long spindles, like they were made of fine wire with big bushy feet attached.  He also has two long feelers sticking out of his tiny head.  I’m not sure how he can’t have a sore neck.  I stayed where I was and enjoyed his company before he fell again.  I’ve decided that vertical terrain is not this bug’s natural domain.

My bug visited me again another night.  This time he was playing on the glass lampshade of a lamp I have next to my bed.  This was a real treat.  He threw spooky shadows on the wall and ceiling.  We both seemed to enjoy this, but my bug is all business.  After a minute or two he moved on and I learned that my bug can fly!  He isn’t the most graceful flyer, nor is he a distance flyer.  Flying really is “flying” for this bug.  Perhaps he learned that just falling to the floor was a little more painful than softening the fall by flapping his wings.  He ended up on the floor somewhere and I again advised him to stay off the floor.

No…I have not stepped on my bug.  I have been extra careful.  But I haven’t seen my bug in a few days now.  The last time I saw him he flew over and landed on the comforter that was up on my lap, just like my cat!  I thought for a moment that maybe Klick Klack Kitty Cat had been reincarnated as that bug!  I leaned over to the bug, “Kitty Cat, is that you?”  No response so I am fairly confident that Klick Klack Kitty Cat hasn’t been brought back to this world as a bug.  Kitty Cat did some serious damage to the insect world in Arizona, but down in Arizona bugs are big enough to put up a decent fight.

It was very sweet seeing my little bug jump up on the bed like my cat used to do and say hello.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  You can’t really pet a bug…they are so fragile…so I just smiled and waved.  “Good to see you, Bug!”  He hung around for a minute then flew over to the bookcase.  Just a short, non-imposing visit.  Very nice.

I’m sorry that I haven’t seen my bug in a while.  I know most bugs don’t live very long.  (Sad.)  I wonder if my bug has already gone over to the other side and is now climbing walls in Paradise.  Maybe in Paradise bugs don’t fall off the walls.  I’d like to think so.


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