Minnesota Blizzard Pt. 1

This is the stuff!  I moved back to Minnesota from Arizona to get more weather like this. 

Linden Hills, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

At one time I was a bit of a weather whiner.  You know…not sunny enough, not warm enough…but then I moved to Arizona and released my barely-latent respect for weather’s variety.

I’ll admit that I knew already as a boy that I liked bad weather.  Walking along the river — before they had namby-pamby park trails — was most enjoyable when the weather was raw.  It is an enjoyable time to be outdoors.  It is much more sublime, solitary, nice. 

I went outdoors for a short time today.  I tried to get some photos, but they did not turn out all that well.  I might have found the limit to my handy camera phone.  A great time outside nonetheless. 

Most of my winter enjoyment today has been indoors, however; so even if you are that odd person who hates cold and snow, there is no reason to let today’s weather get you down.  Just plan right and set your mind to good things.

First, the joys of winter begin with food, especially when a dangerous storm rages outside.  If you plan to venture into the dangerous winter weather, might as well eat what you like…what if you collapse in a snow bank?  (Might as well eat what you like any time, good or bad!  Am I right?)   My choice is a simple one:  Homemade hashbrowns (what other kind is there?), toast and jam, and juice.   A good breakfast or a hearty brunch and you’re ready, you’re set. 

Simple Winter Storm Breakfast.

But pick the right time to go out into the weather because there’s so much to do inside.

Who does not love a good reason to stay in with books, newspapers, and hot food?  Cozy defined.  People in warm climates miss the opportunity to hunker down and enjoy snowy solitude.  Think of how lucky we are to enjoy storms like these.  For my way of thinking, the only way this could be better would be in a lakeside cabin up north. 

It is true, however, that city life is fantastic during a strong storm.  A little difficult getting around — true — but worth the effort.  You meet both your neighbors and strangers more easily in weather like this.  And that hot food, such an important part of enjoying a winter storm, tastes so much better after fighting wind-driven snow to enjoy it in a little restaurant.   No need to comment on the importance of drinks, is there?  De rigueur.

I will be staying in with a few books and perhaps the radio tonight.  My advice to others planning to do the same, especially the uninitiated, is steer clear of movies, especially any movie made within the last 30 years, and never allow video games, whatever those are…it is the wrong aesthetic.  You want a pot of hot coffee steaming somewhere even if you won’t drink it and a good stiff drink nearby, too.  You can at least sip at that.  Wintery naps are the best naps and drinks much neglected by us today help with naptime.  (Think brown spirits.  Whiskey, not vodka, for example.  I always nap better on dark spirits.  Even Dark Grace.)

I better end this blog entry before I end up buying the Complete Singers and Songwriters Collection from Time-Life Music.  Yes, my television is on…and I’m not sure that fits the mood I am looking for tonight.  Ironically, Singers and Songwriters is making me nostalgic for summers at Northview Pool in South St. Paul circa 1973 and I wasn’t there enjoying the snow.  Stay focused!  There’s a blizzard out there…


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