Pickle Spears Cream Cheese and Ham

A variety of hors d'ourve

This Spread is Missing Something.

Last weekend I was on one of my frequent grocery runs at Lund’s in my neighborhood.  I enjoy grocery shopping and tend to do it often.  It is almost a social thing even though most people don’t strike up conversations.  Great people watching, I suppose, and I think the contents in our carts speak for us.  Being a bit self-conscious about what’s in your cart can help you choose a better diet, too.  A win-win all around.

I also enjoy the samples that they hand out in generous proportions at my Lund’s.  They had a nice basic hors d’oeuvre…one that has become a Minnesota holiday party staple…a dill pickle wrapped in ham and cream cheese.  I love all three — pickle, ham, and cream cheese…and each is three times as tasty when served together.  I was ready to dig in.

I reached for a skewered pickle wrap sample and nearly got my hand cut off. 

Or was it nearly bitten off?  Can’t remember.  But I most certainly got scolded.

“Don’t do that!  If you do I will have to throw the whole thing away!  Everything!” 

Know the Rules and Proceed Cautiously.

“But I did just do that…”  And I reached to put my pickle wrap back on it’s little serviette when I got scolded again.  “Don’t reach!”

What I didn’t understand, I guess, was the importance of where on the table the little samples were placed.  Apparently it makes a difference, but I’m not sure how to know the difference and I didn’t dare ask.  After years — a lifetime, really — of grocery shopping and snatching up samples as I shopped, I never noticed the invisible line.  People around me  seemed to understand the rule.  Everyone looked at me as if I were as uncouth as a Texas Republican

I tried to lighten the mood a little:  “Well, don’t throw it away.  Just give it all to me!”

Eyes roll and people start to grow impatient with my impertinence.  (I’m just trying to get a damn spear of dill pickle wrapped up in ham and cream cheese!)  Quickly and unexpectedly she puts a skewered hors d’oeuvre in my hand with a short, but polite, “here.”  I say thank you and quickly step a way, like a young boy at Communion, and eat my treat.  Then I look across the aisle at a less popular stop (fried tater tots or something) and I think I’ll give her some company, but get the look:  “Keep moving, buster.”

So what did I do wrong?  Please advise.  Until then I have to let you know that I have been enjoying homemade dill pickle wraps.  Yes!  In fact I have nearly finished a half of a one-quart jar of baby dills.  Very good.  They are also quite good if you have a bad, bad cold or the flu, which I seem to have now.  It is a simple snack that has a mild medicinal quality.  Flavor, too.

Piggly Wiggly! The First.

I really haven’t much else to share so I thought I would share that story.  I have been sidelined in recent days by this nasty — really dreadful nasty– cold or whatever it is.  ( I don’t know what it is, but I’ll tell you what it is like.  It is like a 24 hour hangover that lasts for days)  I have also been burdened by the stress and inconvenience of losing The White Knight (my working car) so that I haven’t really had much time to impose on potential clients recently.  But I have had time for pickles, cream cheese and ham!

Bonus points if someone can tell us all where else pickles have appeared in a recent A Little Tour In Yellow post!  (Hint:  You don’t have to look far.)  This is fun!  Tell your friends.


One thought on “Pickle Spears Cream Cheese and Ham

  1. Yu No Hu

    you were just being you. that’s OBVIOUSLY what you were doing wrong. the pickle wraps sound good, but i can’t digest lactose anymore.


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