You’re a Shining Star No Matter Who You Are…

Sales offers many existential moments. 

I spent a good part of tonight’s opportunity to live trying to load orders onto a laptop computer I use for processing sales.  My efforts began as the weather forecast was wrapping up on the 10:00 news and I finally got an order properly loaded just in time for Craig Ferguson‘s monologue.  A mere 75 minutes. (!)  But an important 75 minutes. (?)

Shattering, disruptive frustration.  That’s what it was.  And as I lost my place in the rational world, it became apparent that there might be something good about being so stupidly frustrated. 

Utter frustration can be an effective way to experience context.  It allows you to put things in order…as long as you can maintain a rational voice of reason.  Perhaps that’s the difference between the relatively sane and the relatively insane.  That voice of reason.

A meltdown is like throwing all the living room furniture out into the front yard, followed by the boxes of junk and other things cluttering your space, and then taking a good look.  It is all out there haphazard and exposed and it is still yours.  And here’s your opportunity.  You bring it all back piece by piece in nice little orderly steps.  All is good again.  Order restored.

Not My Stuff.

So while my left arm was going numb and my head was throbbing that’s what I determined I would do…clean up the mess I had made.

I thought:  What is this?  If this kills me, will it be worth it?  Hell no.  The little absurdity I was experiencing had eaten up over an hour  — significant for sure — but not worth going mad over.  Time to bring the furniture back in!  (It was something of a funny sight anyway and the neighbors might talk.)

Otherwise he might lose his mind!

(Thank god I’m still sane.)  I just hope god (or whomever) has a good sense of humor and patience to match.  Eventually we all go over to the other side…you know that, right?  Until then allow yourself to keep the things in perspective. 

Shine, shining star!

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