Assume a Can Opener

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I don’t know if you have caught on yet, but I really have no idea what I am doing over here.

I plagiarized my own post and put it on a new page here in this blog. (“Jobs and Taxes”)  Go read it.  We have been hearing all this talk about how lower taxes creates jobs as if that were all it takes.  That is lazy thinking for a broader nefarious political agenda.  It sounds good, but it isn’t the whole story.  Tax policy alone won’t create jobs, especially in the current economy.  I believe the promoters of this policy know that and the followers supporting it have been duped.

Let me point out again that it is a bad idea … a very bad idea … to get your economic lessons and advice from politicians. I would argue, too, that a second bad choice might be business owners, but I’m already going to have a hard enough time ever getting employed again after maintaining this blog. (May I help you with a little creative orneriness? Can we draw outside the lines?)

I will come back and write something more later.  Right now I want to direct you to my new page:  Jobs and Taxes.  Feel free to join the discussion.


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