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I don’t seem to be able to reply to comments on my own blog.  I do like WordPress, but it does have a bug or two.

You’re absolutely correct about Post 100 and my mother.  It does confuse the subject a bit.  That’s why I need readers.  I am shooting from the hip.  Write, insert a picture or two, and post.  There’s no superego to my id.  (Or whatever.)  I put a Band-Aid on it.  Go look.  And tell your friends to go look, too.

The McNeely Conservatory needs some explanation,too, I suppose.  The Como Park Conservatory has been around for decades.  My complaint isn’t about naming a building after someone for good reason, but rather it feels like people buy prominent public spaces and turn them into personal memorials. 

Now…I will admit that I don’t know the McNeely story.  I did do a few searches to see if maybe she saved the place from burning down or something, but I cannot find any reference to her so I don’t know what she did to earn the naming rights other than buy it.  I made some presumptions about the children, too, and I’ll own up to them now.  I presumed that poor Mrs. McNeely died and her family gave to the conservatory in her name.  My thinking was like this:  The kids get together and decide to kick in some cash in their mother’s name and so as to not be left out, the make a point of having a plaque dedicated that includes their names as well.  Maybe I am becoming a bitter old cynic. 

And my apologies to hillbillies.  I thought Jethro was entirely appropriate, however.  I referenced both the television and biblical Jethro in a proper way, I thought.

And I am so disappointed the U No Hu didn’t see the simple beauty of the paper cups.  That’s one of my favorite posts.  Right after the shoes.  (I like my shoes.)

This is Post #101.  Things will only get better if I have an audience paying attention.  So I appreciate the comments.  Now go spread the good word of Tour in Yellow.  Give A Trour in Yellow a reason to blog…and give WordPress a reason to de-bug my comment section.


One thought on “Replies to U No Hu

  1. U No Hu

    well, if you found it appropriate, that’s not really an apology. it just seemed beneath you to resort to epithets. You seem immune to criticism. i get the critique of Mrs. McNeely, i was opposed to your calling the children wonderful people with no basis for that whatever, even if they did buy a public building and name it for Mom as in your uncontrolled fantasy. I can’t see that many kids agreeing on spending that much family money on a memorial, though.

    oh, there’s another criticism I forgot, and this is the biggest one. I can’t stand when grown men call a public toilet “bathrooms.” We have bathrooms in private houses. It’s permissible to say “toilet, ladie’s room, the gent’s, or restroom (if you must).” In London, it’s okay to say, “have you been to the loo in Harrod’s?” it’s preferable to say, “have you been to the ladie’s in Harrod’s?” it’s ridiculous to say “bathrooms.” Even to say you’re scoping out tearooms would be preferable to looking for public baths–not since the Roman’s, buddy. If you’re looking, I strongly suggest the baths at Bath. In MN, you’re doing well to find a toilet, and thank god you don’t have to encounter two-holers.


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