Post 100: Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

The First Thanksgiving. Good Enough for Me.

We have hit a significant milestone over here at A Little Tour In Yellow.  Post 100.  And wouldn’t you know it…I have nothing to say.

It is Thanksgiving, however, the best holiday of the year. 

I just spoke with my mother on the phone and reminded her that Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year and detected a skeptical groan.  Thanksgiving might be different if you’re hosting the event, I suppose. 

It is also different if you’re a teabagging conservative.  Which, thankfully on Thanksgiving, my mother is not.  For sheep of the Tea Party herd and their older siblings the GOP,  Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily about a communal feast celebrating friendship, hard work, and good fortune.  It is about capitalist self-interest.  Poor teabaggers.

I will choose to be thankful and enjoy uncomplicated gratitude.  In the coming weeks there will be many opportunities to enjoy the company of family and good friends, perhaps even meet new people.  The colder months of the year seem best suited for meeting new friends.  We’re closer together.  We’re not out passing each other on roller blades and escaping to a lake cabin.  Instead we’re sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in cozy restaurants or being dragged to holiday parties.   We catch more colds and spread the flu for the same reasons.  We simply seem to be more social, more communal.  And that is good.  (Yes, winter is a “socialist” season.  Bah hum bug.)

Here’s to kicking off the 2010 Holiday Season!  Enjoy the day whatever you choose to do.

(Unable to embed links…again.  Here is a link to ahistorical conservative views of Thanksgiving.


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