I Recycle Paper Cups

I recycle paper cups.  It is true.  I do.  In particular I save the nice sturdy cups I get at the coffee shop.  Plain white ones.  No logos.  I’m not sure why I save them, but I have quite a nice stack of them now. 

Simple. Elegant. Surprisingly Sturdy.

At first I thought they would be handy for my coffee when I sat on the front lawn with my newspaper and a book.  So I saved some of the black plastic lids that go with the cups, too.  People likely thought I was drinking a cup of coffee from one of the coffee shops around the corner, but I had something much better. 

Interestingly…these cups hold up rather well.  I grab one when I am in a hurry and don’t want to take the time to wash dishes.  The thinking is environmentally sound in a relative way.  I figure I’ll just have my coffee, orange juice, milk…and even the occasional wine, but never beer…in the cup, gulp it down and toss it.  What would have been a single use cup has now be reused and I will not use any water cleaning a glass.  But then many times I’ll finish my juice or milk or whatever and think:  I have a perfectly fine cup here.  It would be a shame to toss it.  And so I rinse and reuse again and repeat the cycle.  I RE-cycle!

I do throw them away eventually and occasionally.  Nevertheless, I have seven cups in stock now.  It would be bad form to use these cups with guests, but I could host a pleasant little party with just paper cups.  Three or four of my guests could have an old plastic lid, too.


You can buy the exceptionally sturdy double-walled cups in a case of 600 for about $100.  Or you can just save them after your morning coffee.  You know what I like to do.  What about you?  Consider recycling your old paper cup. 

And while you are pondering that, scroll down a post or two and read something better on this blog.  There is great stuff tucked away here and there.  Don’t miss it! 

And don’t forget to tell your friends. 

I am afraid I might lose my one regular reader — U No Hu — so I figure I better make an attempt at connecting the dots with a sales story and here it is:  A good salesman will ask for referrals and sell after the sale.  He’ll remind you of other useful products and services he can provide to you.  That’s essentially what I do here with my “scroll down” and “tell your friends” closes on these otherwise strange posts.  You’ve read the post — the “sale” has “closed” — and I am selling after the sale and looking for referrals. 

Truthfully, I just wanted to let people know that I save my paper cups.  (I collect jars, too, by the way.)


One thought on “I Recycle Paper Cups

  1. U No Hu

    well, this was a bit of a disappointment because i thought the title was “I Recycle Paper Clips.” Bummer. but, i do like the little sales hint at the bottom. You’re so right. That’s one I completely forgot about. Who cares about your old bachelor paper cups?


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