My Shoes

I should post something, but I am not really in the mood to call out hypocritical politicians and Bad Parker has received all the publicity he is going to get in a while.  I stayed at home most of the day yesterday so it is all ho-hum.   Talking about my shoes should liven things up a bit.

These, friends, are great shoes.  Sturdy, stylish, and lightly coated with trail dust.  I took this photo after an hour or so wandering off-trail at Kaposia Park in South St. Paul.  I was looking for places I roamed as a kid, like Elephant Hill, which really is a washout in the Kaposia ravine.  I found it and it still is a very steep, sandy scar in the side of the ravine, but mostly healed and grown over with trees and shrubs.  We knew all the stories about that hill.  Kids died there, we thought.  Or at least broke their necks.  Miraculously, we all survived with only sand in our shoes.

But we didn’t have shoes like these!  No sir.  I work these shoes hard.  Sales calls, of course, but they hold up well on the trail.  High quality shell  cordovan leather.  Never skimp on shoes, and what they say about cordovan leather is absolutely true.  A pair of well-made shell cordovan shoes will last for many years and they wear beautifully.  Don’t these look great?  I actually look pretty damn good from the knees down, don’t you think?

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