The Lost Episode

I’ll get back to editing and whittling down my “About Dogs” post later.  Until then you can go and enjoy all that it has to offer in its raw form.  In the meantime I want to share something that makes me smile:  Sponge Bob’s Lost Episode!

Sponge Bob Hamming It Up.

A little secret…When I worked in Rochester I laid up at the downtown Radisson with my cat.  Yes, it is true.  Klick Klack Kitty Cat was a good traveller and she enjoyed the attention she received at the Radisson Hotel.  Milk, cookies, walks down the hall…the staff at the Radisson took good care of Klick Klack while I was out in the field during the day.
But I would get back to the hotel early enough to catch Sponge Bob Square Pants, always guaranteed to cheer me up whether I needed it or not.
One week Kitty Cat and I got worked up when we saw promos for Sponge Bob’s lost episode.   We would not miss it.  I believe I cancelled a late appointment just to be sure to get back to the hotel room in time for the show.  (In fact I know I did.)
Was it worth it?  Well…kind of.  The skit leading up to Sponge Bob’s lost episode is…well…a lot of fill, but Sponge Bob — in typical form — was brilliant!  High art.  Genius.   Klick Klack and I have to admit that it was all a bit over our head.  Too sophisticated, likely appealing to East Coast elites and European flaneurs more than two Midwestern hicks like Klick Klack and me.  (Fact Check:  Klick Klack Kitty Cat is an Arizona native and does not take to the Midwestern slur well.) 
Over time, however — the reruns later that night, in fact — Klick Klack and I saw the genius of it all.  We went from feeling completely taken, to feeling blessed. 
I like to think that a lot of my clients feel the same way.  What at first might seem like a cheap sham could actually bring a lot of joy.  What Sponge Bob and his lost episode taught me was the importance of looking at things twice.  I think we should all do that…look at things twice…and we might end up being much better for it.



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