Me and Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

Not Me. Isaac Newton.

A short time ago I had a Newtonian moment, as in Isaac Newton and Newton’s apple.

I dropped an unopened sleeve of saltine crackers.  The packaged landed squarely on one end.  When I picked up the sleeve a eureka moment immediately followed.  I had an idea…

I opened the sleeve on the end that hit the floor to see what happened and to verify my idea.  Sure enough.  The first cracker was broken into several pieces.  The second cracker was much less damaged, but cracked.  The third cracker was fine, no damage.  What we have here, if better ideas hadn’t already been developed, is an idea for protecting fragile items in boxes!  I could call it the Cracker Box or the Cracker Package!

Unfortunately, I doubt there is a practical application to my idea, but think of it this way…think back in time a bit.  Let’s say it is 1580 and the king has been trying to ship a set of fine porcelain china to his governor in the colonies, but he’s been frustrated because the china arrives chipped and broken.  In I come with my cracker box packaging to save the day!  I present the idea as a space saver.  No need for bulky barrels packed with straw, you’ll have neatly stacked crackers protecting your shipment.  And when the governor get his china, he’ll have some crackers for the kid’s soup!  I get rewarded with title and a pension and all is good…

Of course there are a few problems with my fantasy.  First, I’m not sure where the crackers would come from…the original saltine didn’t come around until late in the 19th century.  And I have a feeling that the crackers might be enjoyed by rats on ships…but wait!…another idea:  Crackers laced with rat poison!  Safe cargo and ratless ships.  Just don’t feed the crackers to the kids at home. 

Saltine Crackers

Ah, yes…it is disappointing to have an idea that has been trumped by many others already, to have an idea that has arrived too late.  But it is good to know that the thinking is still clicking. 

That’s it.  That’s all I have.


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