Having Something To Say

Robert R. Livingston

I Have Always Liked This Painting. Declaration of Independence.

It is important to have something to say if you’re going to have a blog.  “Wise men talk because they have something to say.  Fools talk because they have to say something.”  –Plato, 429-347 BC, if memory serves me right.

Right now…frankly…I feel a bit like a fool.  I feel like I have to say something.  Politics?  I’m literally spent on that one right now.  It is what it is and will take a several weeks to reveal what really is going on.  Patience — something not demonstrated by too many American voters in this last election — remains important and especially relevant.

And political blogs are a dime a dozen out there.  The train left the station long ago.  What else is yet to come down the line?  I cannot muster much enthusiasm for my much thought about political blog.  I really am not all that keen about sharing news about flat sales and all of that drudgery.  I haven’t even been in a good park recently. 

I have written about meeting dogs on my boyhood newspaper route…

I’ll read about successful blogs and try to cheer up.


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