Later on Wednesday

All right…I will return to posts about sales and walks in the woods soon.  (My three readers seem to be cold on the political posts.)  I do stand behind my basic observation that politicians succeeded in this recent election because they fostered and then took advantage of misinformation and ignorance.   And I will forever insist that it was NOT a good thing.  I do not think we used our most informed votes in this election.  But you can look at previous posts for my thoughts on that.  Let’s move on to something else.  Kind of.

If You Can't Read This Sign Chances Are You're Offended.

I want to point out a new friend…a fellow traveller, of sorts…and someone even crazier than me.  I nearly got mowed down by a truck taking a U-turn to get back to her.  It was worth it.  She’s still putting up a good fight in, Stillwater, MN, Michele Bachmann’s, Bachmann’s adopted home town.  (Or is Michele in Lake Elmo now?)

Holding an anti-Michele Bachmann sign on a busy intersection isn’t something I am likely to do, so the opportunity to spend a little time on the corner with this protester was fun. 

Signs seem to piss off people!  I’m  not sure who was offended.  Let’s be honest, Bachmann supporters would need the sign read to them and I’m not sure who’s doing that at 40 mph.  But people did raise a fuss.  (Such language!)  My friend — I didn’t get her name — wore ear plugs…likely an experienced protester. 

The ear plugs might also explain why I could not get away.  She kept talking and talking.  I kept nodding and nodding, slipping in a “Hey, I gotta go” whenever I could.  Eventually I wished her well and sprinted off. 

I’ll start a different blog for politics soon and get back to a focus on sales…and walks in the woods… here.  No worries about having enough material.  I have a lot of sales to make in the next few weeks.  A lot.  Like it or not, I’ll let you know how it goes. 


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